OLD 66 Drum Smoker User's Guide 

Congratulations for your purchase of an Old 66 Drum Smoker.

WARNING:  Read the instructions below for the best and safest performance of your OLD 66 Drum Smoker.

Before Operating the Drum Smoker:

  • Please read the entire User's Guide before attempting to use the smoker.
  • OLD 66, Inc. is not responsible for careless and/or dangerous operation of the OLD 66 Drum Smoker.
  • This smoker is only intended for use as a food smoke-roaster
  • It is not intended for any other use or purpose not described in the User's Guide.
  • Failure to follow the recommended operational guidelines listed below may result in bodily injury or death or damage to property from fire.

Setting up the OLD 66 Drum Smoker:

  • It is important to ensure that the placement of the OLD 66 Drum Smoker is at least 24" away from any combustible materials. 
  • The OLD 66 Drum Smoker should be placed on a level, stationary location.
  • If you have installed the optional rolling casters, ensure that at least 2 casters are in the "locked" position before operating the smoker. 
  • The OLD 66 Drum Smoker is an OUTDOOR APPLIANCE ONLY.
  • Do not operate this appliance in an enclosed area at any time.
  • Do not store Liquid Propane Cylinders, gasoline or other flammable liquids or materials within 20 feet of the OLD 66 Drum Smoker.

Cautions and Warnings:

  • The surface area of the OLD 66 Drum Smoker will become HOT during operation.
  • Never touch the surface area when in operation without protective heat resistance such as barbecue mitts or gloves.
  • Children should never use the appliance or get close to the appliance during operation.
  • Never lean over or reach into the appliance when in operation.
  • DO NOT move the appliance during operation.
  • If a grease fire occurs, close the air-intake and chimney dampers to a fully closed position, until the fire and charcoal are fully extinguished.
  • The OLD 66 Drum Smoker should be cleaned regularly.
  • Caution and reasonable care should be employed when operating the OLD 66 Drum Smoker to prevent injuries from contact with hot surfaces.

Igniting Charcoal in the Charcoal Basket:

  • Remove the Charcoal Basket from the Drum Smoker.
  • Add the desired amount of charcoal to the Charcoal Basket.
  • Use only Hard Lump charcoal in the OLD 66 Drum Smoker.
  • Return the Charcoal Basket to the Drum Smoker.
  • Use starter cubes, electric charcoal ignitors, newspaper or kindling to ignite the charcoal in the Charcoal Basket in the bottom of the Drum Smoker.
  • DO NOT use kerosene or any liquid lighting fluids in the Drum Smoker. 
  • It is recommended that you light the hard lump charcoal from the top down, to increase temperature control and length of smoke-roasting time in the Drum Smoker. 
  • Leave the lid off the Drum Smoker for at least 10 to 15 minutes, to ensure the charcoal is sufficiently lit before returning the lid to the top of the Drum Smoker.
  • Once the lid is returned to the top of the Drum Smoker, adjust the air-intake caps and the chimney cap to reach the desired temperature.

Recommended Smoking/Roasting Temperatures and Usage:

  • We recommend "seasoning" the Drum Smoker with an initial "firing/burn" of 2 to 3 pounds of hard lump charcoal for 2 to 3 hours prior to any smoke-roasting of food on the Drum Smoker.
  • A "seasoning" burn will remove manufacturing residue from the Drum Smoker.
  • It is also recommended that you "season" the cooking grid with a cooking oil (grapeseed, olive or vegetable) prior to using it for smoking.
  • While most cookbooks, recipes, videos, cooking shows and experienced barbecue enthusiasts will recommend a "lower" smoke-roasting temperature (225 F), due to the design of the OLD 66 Drum Smoker, smoke-roasting temperatures in a range of 250 F to 300 F may be more optimum. 
  • Our best recommended smoke-roasting temperature is in the range between 250 F - 275 F. 
  • We also recommend using roast, instant read, and probe style thermometers to determine the internal temperature of the food.
  • Altitude, ambient temperature, amount of charcoal used, venting settings and size of food being smoke-roasted will vary the time needed to smoke-roast your food.
  • Therefore we highly recommend that all food smoke-roasted in the OLD 66 Drum Smoker is cooked to the desired internal temperature and not cooked by the metric of time.
  • Frequent removing of the Drum Smoker lid will decrease internal smoke-roasting temperature in the Drum Smoker and will lengthen the cooking time to finish the food you are cooking.
  • We recommend that you "practice" and "experiment" with the smoke-roasting process to develop a higher skill set level.

Please enjoy the safe operation of your OLD 66 Drum Smoker.

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